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My Work

Dr. Green has an individual private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona at Psychological Counseling Services. PCS is highly regarded both locally and nationally for the treatment of trauma and addiction. With a large team of skilled mental health professionals, PCS provides typical outpatient therapy services and a unique Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). To learn more about mental health treatment at PCS please visit:



Dr. Green contracts with the acclaimed residential treatment center, Sierra Tucson, as their Phoenix-area alumni support group facilitator. In addition to high quality residential treatment for mood disorders, addiction and trauma healing, Sierra Tucson offers free lifetime support groups to alumni living in Arizona and in several large cities across the United States. For more information, visit:



Dr. Green co-authors the blog, Living a Blissful Life for HealthyPlace. HealthyPlace is the largest consumer mental health site and provides valuable information, support, and resources on mental health disorders and treatment. Learn more at: