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Dr. Heidi Green

Would you like a self-love expert to walk you through issues related to self-esteem, codependency, body image, boundaries, or communication? I have extensive experience treating depression and anxiety, issues related to parenting, divorce, trauma healing, crisis intervention, life transitions, couples, and family therapy. If you want to reclaim your life, I'm in your corner. 

My specialties


We can achieve your goals using various therapy techniques designed to heal trauma, increase self-worth, improve relationships, and manage distressing emotions.

My clinical practice is in Scottsdale, Arizona. I also collaborate with multiple well-respected mental health organizations. Here's where you can find me. 

Each of us is born with a unique set of gifts and strengths that only we can present to the world. We are all deserving ...
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If you would like to schedule to meet with me individually, I have a practice in Scottsdale, Arizona that you can reach by calling